Tuesday, 15 September 2009

6 Guys... I knew you'd have to ask...

I thought twice about mentioning that one but I guessed that once it was out there you'd want to know more about it (well some of you would).

I was staying in Manchester for the weekend with a friend of mine who'd gone up there to Uni. It was a wild weekend and I'd been staying with Maddy and her boyfriend (who's name escapes me).

While I'm on the subject of Maddy some of you will like this! Maddy and I fancied the same guy in 6th form and I suggested that rather than fighting over who was going to have him that I invited him round to mine and we both did! Of course I was far more into that idea than Maddy, but we did it. Maddy lost her virginity to the guy on my bed while I rubbed the guys nuts and Maddy's pussy as he fucked her to her first orgasm (now you'll know why I remember Maddy). Maddy then did the same for me and the guy thought all his birthdays had come at once.

Back to the six guys (that makes me sound like such a slut) While I was staying with Maddy she joked about that night while we were getting ready to go out. She also told me about how her bf and two of his mates had fucked her the weekend before. "I'll take some of that" I said. Maddy just smiled "I knew you bloody would" She laughed "How many of his mates would you like?" she asked. Without really thinking I just said "six".

We had a fun night out a few snogs with RS and back to hers. When we got there her bf met her at the door "their all ready" he smiled "come through Robin" showing me into their student houses small lounge. Sat around the room were five guys. I don't know if it was the drink talking but I just said "are you all here for me?" Maddy giggled "yes, I've got them all for you"

I took off my jacket pulled up my skirt flashed my panties and knelt in the middle of the room. "Ok so who's first?" With that the first cock was bouncing it's way out of the guys pants and into my face. I used my hand at first but the guys were keen to see me suck the first cock. So I smeared my lippy down the length of the guys cock and went balls deep. The guys were cheering and I slurped away until I felt his nuts tighten and then he unloaded wad after wad over my face. His fat cock was blowing load after load over my face much to every one's delight.

As he shuffled off his cock was replaced with another. A much longer skinnier cock I sucked it straight down the guy groaned and I felt his nuts tighten. Bang he unloaded in my mouth as I sat back to take the rest over my face. No sooner had he finished than the next cock was thrust into my mouth. This time it was short and fat but again I can remember him not having a lot of staying power. His spunk was pretty watery and sprayed everywhere all over my face and in my hair and eyes (which always stings).

The next guy pulled my spunky blouse off and pushed me onto my back. Pulling my tits from my bra he pushed his cock between them. He fucked my tits and I licked the tip of his cock every time he pushed it close to my mouth. It was obviously doing the trick and it wasn't long before he was cumming too. Spraying spunk up from between my tits, neck over my face and into my hungry mouth. The guys watching on loved it.

With two cock bouncing in my face I took it in turns to suck them into my mouth in the hope the they would last longer. Slurping away on the fatter of the two cock the other guy was gently rubbing his sloppy cock when it spurted spunk over the side of my face and down the guy in front of me stomach. I slurped off his cock and licked the streak of cum off his stomach swallowing it down before going back to his bj. Meanwhile I was aware that the long skinny cock was back wanking inches from my full mouth.

I felt the guy who had his cock in my mouth balls tighten so I let it slip from my lips and unload over my face. I was a real mess spunk running down over my tits and onto my skirt. I did my best to scoop up and swallow what I could but I was messy! The skinny cock sprayed more spunk over my tits and then the fat cock was back again. I sucked it into my mouth and it seemed much longer before it started to spray more spunk over me. Maddy took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. "God, Robin that was fucking sexy" I slipped out my skirt and undies and into her shower. She watched chatting as I soaped myself down.

My pussy was dripping and I couldn't resist playing with myself. Maddy was watching through the shower door as I orgasmed against the wall of her shower. When I finished my shower we shared a snog and she said she could still taste the spunk on my lips.... A night to remember! Robin :-)x


Hubman said...

Thanks for sharing! Glad I asked :-)

Anonymous said...

You have turned me on after reading that.

RIV said...

I have to say that was one hot little post. I've reas your blog since the begining, but I can't remembrr you ever beinging in a gangbang. Have you been in one?

Robin said...

Maybe... Would you like to hear about that too?

1manview said...

Sounds like you had a mouth full.. Very hot post...

Anonymous said...

Wow! You live what I only think about