Friday, 25 September 2009

Today's the day...

I've got a tingling between my legs.... It's a familiar tingle I get it all the time but today I'm sure my pussy's is going to explode! Chelsea is sat opposite me working away (playing with her hair) unaware that in a matter of hours I'm hoping to have my face planted between her legs and my tongue buried in her tight, hot and juicy pussy! I got up early this morning to clean my house and I've left a few surprises around the place! It's looking good and it's ready for my special guest!

Think of me at 5pm as I'll be leaving work and working my way into Chelsea's cute little head (if I'm not there already) and even cuter little panties

She's looking as stunning as always with her hair up in a little pony tail, low cut top showing off her black bra and ample cleavage and a knee length skirt that shows her boots off to a treat! MMMM I can't wait. She's already checked that we are still ok to go! I've been trying not to flirt but there has been a lot more touching over the past few days and the boyfriend stories have stopped with the subject far more focuses on sex in general. The signs are good and I'm so excited... I will of course keep you posted. Robin :-)x


Anonymous said...

Can't wait!

Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Enjoy and share O_O.


Advizor said...

Good Luck, and remember to take pictures.... But remember to be patient. A night alone may be just that, some quiet alone time, not everyone is as adventerous as you. If she's taking it slow, match her speed, push a little, but be willing to wait for what sounds like a wonderful reward.

It's 4:21 London Time. Good luck!


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