Sunday, 6 September 2009

Down to business....

It's been one of those weeks. We finished on Friday but as we'd worked so hard the company offered to pay for us to spend the weekend at the hotel that had been our base for the week. With an expense account open I wasn't about to say no.

I spent the week working with a couple of guys and their PA. Paul and Jason have been with the company for years and are both very experienced senior account managers. Paul decided as tempting as an all expenses paid weekend was he wanted to head home. Jason split from his wife last year and decided that he'd stay with Caz (his PA) and I for the weekend. Caz is in her late 20's she's very prim and proper (or at least I thought she was).

We'd rapped things up work wise by Saturday lunchtime and headed back to the hotel. I agreed to meet Jason and Caz in the restaurant for some lunch. We ate far to much and had just as much to drink. I'd booked a massage for the afternoon and by 3pm I was steaming!

Caz and Jase decided they'd come with me and we headed down to the Spa area of the hotel. Sitting in the steam room the conversation switched to sex. Jason was boasting about his exploits in the sauna at his gym (little does he know, hey!). When Jason had finished Caz told us all about a guy she'd sucked off in the sauna when she was on holiday! Talk about first impressions being wrong. I shared a few of my tales and could see that Jason was struggling to hide his excitement!

"Caz, look Jason's got a hard on!" I giggled pointing at the lump in his towel.

"Don't tease, All this sexy talk getting your horny boss?" Joked Caz sliding her hand up inside Jason's towel. He let it slip open and his stonking hard on sprung free. I could see the pre-cum glistening and I felt quite relived that I wasn't the only one feeling hot and horny! Caz had rapped her hand round Jase's sweaty pre-cum soaked cock and started wanking. I slide my hand up his thy and cupped his balls.

Caz's towel slipped down from her shoulders and her pert boobs bounced as she started to really pull on Jason's cock. Sliding up the step I cupped her breast and tweaked her nipple. Jason did the same with the other one as Caz let out a little moan.

I lent forward and licked round her hardening nipple inches from Jason face. As I did so Jason tugged at my towel and it fell round my waist. Caz took her hand from Jason's cock and rubbed my breast as I kissed hers. Grabbing Jason's cock I guided it into my mouth. It was hot and salty and there was lot's of pre-cum. Caz kissed up Jason's thy and watched as I sucked it into my mouth. Then she swapped with me sucking it deep and gagging slightly! Jason was loving the attention and I could see that Caz was hitting the spot and it wouldn't be long before he could hold on no longer.

Caz slid her mouth off Jason's cock and grabbed it with her hand - "Come on Robin let's get spunky!" (yes that's what she said in her posh accent, I told you about first impressions) We both knelt in front of Jason and Caz and I kissed as she wanked his cock.

I could see Jason holding on but it was no good as a big jet of hot jizz shot out over Caz's cheek and in her hair then another on my nose and in my eye then another over my forehead and in my hair and more pumped over Caz and into her open mouth. I couldn't believe it. An hour ago we had been sealing the deal now we were covered in spunk. Work hard, play hard!

Talking of playing hard Caz hadn't finished and snowballed a huge blob of Jason's hot jizz into my mouth. "Swallow it!" she ordered. Caz and Jason watched as I showed them my gob full of spunk and then swallowed the hole hot load! "Good girl" said Jason with a smile, smug bastard!

I'd almost forgotten we were in the Sauna (apart from the sweat of course). Time for the massage! More soon! Typing this has got me far to horny! Robin :-)

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