Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Chelsea.... MMMMM

Thanks for the advice guys... I do of course know how to play this one but the crush has caught me off guard and is driving me mental. Normally I'd just go for it but there's something about her that makes the build up just as thrilling.

Yesterday Chelsea came to work wearing a low cut black top, frilly black bra (I could see the top of it covering her gorgeous pert breasts), trousers and a pair of sexy little boots. A look that just had me melting the moment she sat at her desk. To top it off her hair was still wet and it took until lunch time to get the image of her soapy in the shower out of my head! I don't mind telling you that I was dripping away under my desk!

She must have clocked me staring by now. As I said experiencing the crush is awesome but at the same time she's a tough one to read. She's been telling me all about her boyfriend and how good the sex is (such a dirty flirt, and he sounds like he's got a massive cock!) but she's not really interested in my sex life.... She doesn't appear to have a bi side (not that everyone tells me about that within two days of meeting me). As you know I have my ways and I don't think it will be too long before I have Chelsea eating out of my hand (or my pussy if I'm as good as I say I am, hey).

She's not in till 10am this morning and I can't wait. I've decided two can play the sexy game. I've gone for a short skirt, my fav knee length boots and a white blouse with black bra! It's working the guys on the way in couldn't keep their eyes off me! I might have to drop some paper work in front of her desk... I have a little surprise up my skirt! (Wet) Fingers crossed that Chelsea clocks it! I know it's slow progress for me but if I haven't got her into bed by the end of the week then I'm loosing my powers!

I'll keep you posted... Robin :-)x


On Me said...

May the force be strong for you Robin!

dark snow said...

good luck!!!

Vader said...

lets see a picture of what your wearing, sounds fascinating :-o