Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Poll Results.....

Did the picture of me licking the panties turn you on?

52 (52%)
47 (47%)

Votes so far: 99
Poll closed

Phew! I don't like to think that my blog is turning people off but that's close. I'm not going to be doing that again in a hurry (well posting pics of me doing it anyway). I guess the vote reflects that I was a little close to the line. I'll stick to licking pussy rather than panties... :-)x


Advizor said...

I just think it's unwise, without knowing who and where they came from. It would be totally sexy if they were still on the person who wore them, or if you were wearing them and having Chelsea lick them. But by them selves, with that big white patch of nasty, it just didn't work for me.

I like pictures of you, simple, beautiful pictures of you

Carol said...

I didn't vote, because I've been real busy and away a lot, but I loved the picture. I love the idea of having a girl lick my panties while I'm wearing them.

Anonymous said...

Sod the ones that didn't. More did and that's what counts.

But I guess you need to keep your visitors so maybe not "sod" them. Shame really.

Perhaps setup another blog for the so-called sicker and twisted folks. ;) Feel free to e-mail me such photos in the future.

On Me said...

One man's turn on is another turn off.

George said...

I wouldn't worry: just because it didn't turn someone on doesn't mean it turned them off.

captain shame said...

It would be nice for you to stuff your own panties in your mouth whilst getting boned from behind. Sometimes its good to have something to bite down hard on during a good rough fuck. Right?

Advizor said...

I'm not against the idea of the pantie snack, I just said that the particular picture wasn't a turn on. What I would really like to do, is have Robin on her hands and knees eating out the girl with the panties on, after things are going, she pulls them off and hands them to me, after which I wrap them gently around Robin's neck and use them to collar her. Then the fun really begins.