Monday, 21 September 2009

Work, Sex, Chelsea!

I'm glad you're all enjoying the pics from the weekend....

It's a busy day in the office we get more temps through our place than... well temps through an office I guess! Anyhow today I'm working with Chelsea. If I had to guess I'd say she was in her early 20's, she's been telling me about her modelling work and I can tell you she has 'the look'.

Well I don't know if she knows it but she's driving me crazy. It's not the way she's dressed, or the smell of her perfume, it's the little moans and sighs she makes as I talk her though the job that do it! I haven't had a crush like this on someone for a long time! I don't think it's good for my health! My heart keeps on racing like it's gona climb out of my chest and she must think I've got a bladder problem I've made so many trips to the loo she gets me that wet! My clit is just buzzing too... WOW I'm breathless!

Right now she is sat at the desk opposite mine working away twiddling her hair in way that just says 'lick me'.... agrhhh!!! HELP ME! Robin :-)x


Vader said...

approach her, in a day or two and see how you get on. What's the worst that can happen?

Abe's Heart said...

Go for it, sweet-pea!!

`x~Abe's Heart.

glosterdave said...

Why not invite her for a drink (as work colleagues) and see where it goes, see if she is persuadable or not?

Good luck