Wednesday, 23 September 2009

What a day....

Well where do I start. Chelsea arrived at 10am dressed in a smart dark grey business suit with a white blouse. She commented on how smart I looked the moment she sat at her desk (I did get my complement in there first). I spent the rest of the day flirting my socks off!

I don't know if Chelsea is playing hard to get or whether she really is hard to get. She'll be flirting along one minute and then cold as ice the next. I may have been a bit forward and I think I went a bit to far when I bent over in front of her desk giving her a clear view and leaving her in no doubt that I came in to work commando! She didn't say anything but maybe that was a bit to forward. Or maybe I've not been forward enough. As I said this crazy crush has my head all over the place right now!!

I've managed to convince her that she should come for a drink with me on Friday to celebrate her first week in my department! Tomorrow I'll dress to impress again and with more flirting I'm hoping she won't be able to resist getting to know her boss a whole lot better on Friday evening! Here's hoping! Robin :-)x

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