Thursday, 3 September 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates. I got back to work from my hols and was asked to head straight out to meet a number of key clients. I've been in meetings all week but the good news is that it looks like we have secured the business! Sorry to talk work when you all want to hear about all the sex I had on my hols! The problem with these meetings is they go on for hours and by the time they finish and we got something to eat it's time to go to bed then start again in the morning. It's pretty full on especially when I'm so short on sleep!

One of the benefits it that we are staying in a pretty posh hotel. I've been making the most of the complementary gym and massage (it's never to late in the day for somethings!). Last night I treated Paul the masseur to an extra of my own! I'll leave you guessing on that one! I should be home for the weekend. I'll bring you some monster updates next week when I've caught up with myself all being well!. Robin :-)


Spnk MeRed said...

enjoy those perks...i look forward to hearing about them ;)

BlueEyes69 said...

Uggghhhhh ... meetings. Hopefully yours aren't as useless as most of ours! lol

But, as you say, posh sounds lovely!