Sunday, 13 September 2009


Things have been tough for a friend of mine. I'll call her L but she's been through it over the past couple of months. She split with her boyfriend back in August after he caught her (yes he caught her) giving her neighbour a blow job in his shed of all places (don't laugh).

Anyhow she's been dating a few guys and she came round to mine today to tell me all about the losers she's been attracting (not that her last bf was great).

Over a bottle of wine she told me about guy after guy that she's dated. How she finds them I'll never know. As you know I end up being pretty lucky when it comes to sex. She however has just bad luck. Married guys that just can't get it up. Young guys that come to quick (L is a bit of a looker) and guys that think they have to spike her drink to get her in bed (she's a bit like me and really they just had to ask).

On Friday she met up with a guy in his early 20's the evening was going well and he invited her back to his. She thought her luck had changed until she got to his place. The walls were covered in centre spreads from porno's and after a quick fondle and something that might be consider a fuck (but she assures me it wasn't, as his cock was on in her when he came) he just wanted to take pictures of her on his bed covered in his spunk. She was having known of that and left his flat at 100mph. Leaving her shoes and undies behind. So a chilly cab round home. How I kept a straight face I'll never know! Robin :-)

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