Saturday, 26 September 2009

As good as it gets?

I don't have to tell you that by the time we left the office the excitement levels were at max and I was struggling to hold myself together. Chelsea and I rolled into the pub down the road laughing like we'd know each other for much longer than a week. Chelsea found a table and I got the drinks in. A bottle of wine later and the conversation was flowing. By the time we'd drunk our second bottle it was nearly 7pm.

I asked Chelsea if she wanted to head down the road for some food. "Your place isn't far from here is it Robin?" she asked.

"No five minutes walk tops" I replied.

"Great do you think we could call into the office so I can pick up some clothes and change at your place?" Chelsea continued.

Wow, all my dreams were coming true at once! I thought I was going to have to wait all evening to get Chelsea to mine and here she was asking to go there! We called into the office and picked up her bag from her car and then headed back to my place. I showed Chelsea in and offered her another drink. Of course she couldn't say no. I then took her upstairs and showed her into the spare room. "Is this your room?" she asked as we crossed the landing.

"Yes" I replied.

"Oooh you've got a nice bedroom Robin" She poked her head into my room. All I could think was how easy it would be to push her in and rip her clothes off. Of course I'd completely forgotten that I'd left a selection of toys at the end of my bed (ready for later). "Robin! what are these?" asked Chelsea disapearing into my room. I was still thinking about what I'd like to do to her and the last thing I expected was her stood in my room with my fav vibe in her hand.

"Errrm oh... that shouldn't be there" I stammered, struggling to get my head around what was happening.

"I take it that this is yours" She said "I have one of these but it's no where near as big as yours".

I couldn't believe my ears. My embarrassment was instantly forgotten and the excitement that I'd been holding in all day took over. "I feels amazing, you can borrow it if you like?" Ok not the most amazing chat up line but....

"I'd rather watch you use it?" Smiled Chelsea. Was this the drink talking or was I dreaming. Chelsea sat at the end of my bed and slid the vibe up her leg..... "Or would you rather watch me? I know you've been watching me all week!"

I was blushing again. I'd been well and truly rumbled by Chelsea. Again embarrassment was replaced by pure excitement as Chelsea pushed the vibe up between her legs lifting her skirt. Her black thong was dripping and the damp material hung to her pussy. The vibe pressed against it and I could see Chelsea's juices squeezing out of her pussy.

"You see Robin... your not the only one that's had a horny week!" Chelsea threw her hair back and pulled the material of her panties to one side sliding the tip of the vibe into her pussy. All I could do was watch with my mouth open. The vibe slid deeper and deeper into Chelsea's pussy squeezing more of her sex from her pussy. She opened her legs further and laid back on my bed. I knelt down and crawled up between her legs taking the vibe from her as she let out a little moan.

I licked my way up her perfect thy and stopped before pulling the vibe from her pussy and placing my tongue on her clit that was perfectly framed by her dark trimmed pubes (I knew she wasn't a real blond! - lol). That was my last thought though sucking her clit between my teeth as her legs closed around my shoulders trapping my head buried in her pussy! She tasted amazing and was so wet! Lapping away her moaning grew louder and louder. I pulled her knees up and licked down over her pussy. Pushing my tongue against her tight ring.

She gasped and moaned loudly as I pushed the vibe back into her pussy and continued to probe her tight little bum hole with my tongue. Licking back up to her pussy to lick round the vibe. Turning it up to full pulse mode I could see her hips tighten. I pulled the vibe from her pussy and pressed it against her bum dribbling round it. It slid in slowly and I made sure her juices made it slide in and out nice and easily. My tongue darted against her clit and then she bucked her hips and screamed as her first orgasm took hold. Of course that didn't stop me. I carried on tonging her pussy and working the vibe in her bum. A second orgasm took her breath away. I pulled the vibe from her bum and pressed it back into her pussy.

Chelsea was just thrashing around on my bed "Don't stop Robin. Don't stop" Of course I wasn't going to disappoint and licked round from her pussy to her bum jabbing my tongue against her tight ring. I stood up and pulled off my clothes throwing them across my room. I climbed onto the bed. Chelsea was still panting and of course she was still dressed but I kissed any bit of flesh I could see and stopped with my pussy inches from her face. "Can you see what you've been doing to me?" I asked pulling my pussy lips open my juices running down my fingers. Chelsea grabbed my bum and pulled me down onto her face, burying her tongue in my pussy and flooding her face with my juices. I steadied myself with the head board and hung on as I rode her tongue pressing my clit against her nose.

She lifted my hips and pushed me up the bed. Licking round my ring I was in extacy as her tounge probed my bum hole. Back to my pussy and I could feel my first orgasm building. It wasn't long before I was practically suffocating Chelsea and orgasming hard, pouring my sex over her face and my pillows. My second orgasm nearly had me passing out and by the time Chelsea had pushed me to my third the room was spinning!

I climbed off and let both Chelsea and I get our breath back helping her to undress. I reached under my bed and pulled out my double dildo. "Mmmm look at that monster" purred Chelsea. I pushed it into my pussy and slapped it against hers. Of course it slid in easily and I slid up and down fingering her hard clit. It wasn't long before we both reached a noisy climax. Chelsea licked my end of the dildo and pressed it against my bum again. It slid in and she used it like a cock to fuck my bum silly. Of course I was in ecstasy and had more orgasms than I can remember.

It didn't take me long to get my breath back and it was Chelsea's turn. She called me all sorts of names as I fucked her tight little bum hole. Of course it wasn't long before she was orgasming too. That was the theme for the rest of the evening. I think Chelsea was pretty impressed with my toy collection! We ended up ordering Pizza at about 11pm (I gave the Pizza boy a real treat) and Chelsea stayed the night at mine.

This morning we did it all again... Chelsea is everything I dreamt she would be. I can't believe that I ever doubted that I'd get her into bed. What I didn't expect was how up for everything she'd be. She left my place at lunch time and headed round to see her boyfriend. I wonder if he'll wonder what she's been up too? She just text to say that she's forgotten her bag and will come and get it at 6pm.... mmm I can't wait! Robin :-)x


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Oh Robin! What a treat O_O.
Think you can get her BF over along with her? I keep thinking you probably could use a cock or two.


Vader said...

I'd put money on, the fact that as I am typing this the boyfriend has had both girls and the night is in full swing.


So Chelsea delivered!

dark snow said...

should i say congratulation? hehehe...

never in doubt u will nick it..hehe