Saturday, 17 January 2009

Last night...

Well to say I went out in a horny mood last night was a bit of an understatement. I was gagging for it! I hit the club downed a bottle and a half of red wine with my girlfriends and wasted no time in getting on the dance floor.

The guys were loving it and I found myself in the middle of a group of about 10. I was dancing my way round with each of them having a grope and a bit of a dance with me. Then one went to kiss me. He wasn't the best looking of the group but those who dare win and he dared so he won. We kissed and I ground hard against his leg I could feel my pussy stretching so he must have too. What a tease!

Then I danced with his mate and he wanted a snog too... That was two. Then three, four and five. The guys were obviously loving it and I was being a right slut and loving that too. I think I was on snog number 8 when Rachel came and pulled me off the dance floor.

Dragging me kicking and screaming into the ladies. "Robin what's come over you?" she asked. I didn't have time to mess around and put my arms round her shoulders. "Robin" I started kissing Rachel. We've got off with each other once in the past and I expected a bit more resistance but she pushed me into a cubicle and looked the door. Her hands were all over me and she tugged the bow on my back and let my top fall open kissing her way down to my rapidly handling nipples.

The she unbuttoned my trousers and peeled them down. With no undies (or pubes) to get in the way she licked her way down from my belly to my wet pussy. Her tongue pressing hard on my clit. I shuddered and let out a loud moan. The chatter in the ladies stopped but luckily Rachel didn't I was soon shuddering again and again as a big orgasm shook through me. I held Rachel's head tight against me and ground my hips so she could taste every drip. Rachel looked up and me panting with my juices all over her chin. We swapped places and I went down on her. Lifting her skirt I slide her panties to one side and slide a finger into her pussy.

Rachel was as horny as I was so I sucked her clit between my teeth and made her whale with pleasure. The loo's went quiet again as Rachel screamed. Her orgasm building I lapped away hitting the spot time and time again and then she let rip cuming hard in my mouth her juices running down over my chin... mmmm so hot. Rachel and I tried to sneak out of the ladies but it was obvious what we'd been up too... Who cared I bet every single one was wishing it was them... I hadn't really straighten myself up too well when we got back into the club and my friend Karly straighten up my top and said "Jesus Robin, it looks like you've been fucking!" Little did she know, hey.

Rachel and I hit the dance floor again this time it was almost a competition. Although I lost count at around 15 and was past caring. I wondered how many of the guys could taste Rachel and how many could taste me on her? Before we knew it, it was slow dance time I danced with two guys and clocked Rachel taking a guy off to the gents. Bitch! She wasn't going to outdo me so I dragged the guy I was dancing with after them. I pulled him into a cubicle. I could hear Rachel but had no idea which one she was in.

I didn't even know the guy I was with name but he had a fantastic cock. A nice size and girth and I wasted no time in sucking it between my well snogged lips. I gave him a bj to remember taking his long cock as deep as I could (without gagging). It wasn't long before he was filling my hot mouth with hot spunk.... MMMM I swallowed down my hot mouthful and led him back to the dance floor. The club was emptying and the lights were on... No sign of Rachel then she came wandering out of the ladies like the cat that had got the cream... Well in this case she had. She almost ran over to me and planted a big kiss on my lips.

Her tongue forced my mouth open and she dribbled a stream of warm spunk into my mouth. How fucking horny was that. We snogged much to the delight of the people still left in the club I'm sure but little did they know about Rachel's little gift for me! Robin XXX


Advizor said...

If even half of this is true, I'm amazed and in love.

Great post.

Ciderboy said...

Just amazing. Love this blog. This is so hot. I am hard as hell!!

Geyser said...

If you ever open your own club, you must call it "The Snowball"