Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hey, I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right.

Thanks Paolo... So I know you guys all want to know how last night went. Did those sexy shoes work their magic? I won't tease you. They most certainly did! I had guys flocking round me from the moment I walked in the pub (although some were a little shorter than I remember, lol) A few glasses of wine to many and I was off to the club and I ended my evening at a house party on all fours. What a night!

Although my feet might have something to say about those shoes as they are killing me today. It's a toss up between which is aching more. The arches of my feet or my well sexed pussy! :-) Ok the feet take it but that was a night to remember! Offers to massage either are always welcome! If I get a mo I'll bring you all the juicy details. I'm just off down the pub for an evening with the girls. Robin XXX


Ed said...

Am an excellent masseur!

Carol said...

Those are great shoes. I'm glad you had fun in them. Love your blog.