Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snowballs at Pete's

I slipped through the snow and made my way round to Pete's. Glad that I didn't have to sit in the car with the ques of people filing their way home. Pete opened the door and he was on the phone he waved me in and I went into the lounge. Pete headed off to the kitchen and came back with what looked like a vodka on the rocks. He put it on the table and gave me a wink. "Yes darling, I'll be ok on my own. You can stay at Claire's tonight" Pete smiled again and I slipped along his couch. Hooking my fingers into the top of his jeans. My fingers were freezing and Pete jumped a little as they touched his stomach. I unbuttoned his jeans and zipped down his fly letting his cock spring out of his pants.

He was hard as a rock and had obviously been waiting for me. I licked the head of his cock as a dribble of precum leaked from the tip between my lips. Sweet, I took a swig of my Vodka and sucked an ice cube between my lips. Pete was still reassuring Gemma when I slipped his cock into my mouth and he felt the ice cube for the first time. He stuttered and groaned. It was obvious that Gemma had asked what was wrong. "Er I just stubbed my toe" He said. I sucked hard again on his cock. There was nothing he could do he had to sigh again. "Look love I've got to go, I've broken my nail and it's bleeding here, no, not on the carpet. Love you, Bye" With that Pete threw the phone on the couch and pulled my head hard into his crotch forcing his cock down my throat and melting the last of the ice cube that had nearly got him into trouble.

Just as his cock bounced of my tonsils he started cumming grunting as he fired jet after jet of warm spunk into my cold mouth. I opened wide and let him see his seed at the back of my throat before swallowing it all down in front of him. Pete pushed me back into the couch pulling my skirt up and licking his way up my thy. He took a mouth full of my drink and then ran an ice cube all the way up my thy to the crotch of my undies. I was already wet and the ice cube melted quickly as it touched my hot wetness sending trickles of water down over my pussy and thys and pulses of electricity through my body.

Pete pulled my thong to one side and lapped away at my swollen lips. Then he took another drink this time he pressed the ice cube into my folds. Again it melted quickly making me wetter than ever and Pete lapped away. Then he lifted my legs swinging my bum to the edge of the couch. He then licked round from my pussy to my tight little bum hole. His tongue stabbing at my tight ring and the icy water running down over it. Pete then pushed the glass to my lips I took a big swig and gave Pete a kiss pushing an ice cube into his mouth. He then went back to licking my pussy pushing the ice cube against my throbbing pussy. Then he licked down and pushed the ice cube into my ass. I yelped as it pushed into me and melted quickly in my tight bum the water running down onto the couch and down onto the carpet.

Pete really had me going and after what seemed like an eternity he jabbed at my clit with his tongue pushing me over the edge as my orgasm ripped through me. Pete looked up and his chin was shining with my juices and he had a huge grin. Slapping me on the bum he said "Lets go to bed Robin". He took me by the hand and led me upstairs. I was stripping off as I made my way from the lounge to the bedroom. By the time Pete threw me on his bed I was naked. He lifted my legs up over his shoulders and pulled me onto his throbbing cock.

It slid straight in and his balls bashed against my ass. Slapping away he thrust harder and harder I was nearly screaming my head off. He pulled out and flipped me over pulling me to edge of the bed on all fours he started pounding me again. His cock filling my pussy and sending electric ripples through my body as he slapped my bum. Then he pulled out his cock and pressed it hard against my ring. It slipped in. As you know I'm not a super fan of anal but Pete's cock felt great and he was grunting away as every stroke filled my bum. Pushing my face into the pillow I reached under and rubbed my clit. As I orgsamed again Pete started to tighten and grunt as I felt the first jet of spunk fire into my tight passage. Pete grunted again and again as he unloaded in my ass.

Then as he pulled out the spunk dribbled out onto the bed and I slumped with my bum in the air on his bed. Pete pulled my cheeks apart so he could watch the rest of his spunk dribble from my bum and finger my pussy with it before pressing it to my lips. I was in ecstasy.

Pete and I then took a shower together and fucked again as we did this morning before I left for work. I even gave him another bj when Gemma called him up to let him know that the snow was clearing and that she'd be home this evening. As soon as Gemma hung up Pete flooded my mouth with spunk. This time I let his cock slip from my lips and cover my lips and run down over my tits Pete had jetted so much. I liked up every little drop and then took a shower before heading to work leaving Pete to clean up his house.

So many people were stranded last night that no one has even asked why I'm wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Well that is aside from yesterday thong as it was just too crusty! It's a shame that the snow's clearing. I'd love another night with Pete. He seems game and there's a few things I'd like to get up to with my married man. Robin XXX


captain shame said...

Its good that you got your mouth filled. I'm glad it was too much and a little came out.

It makes a man feel good to see a little extra run over a girls bottom lip and fall down onto her neck or tits.

Sometimes its good for a girl to keep her beautiful mouth closed too. Sometimes keep your lips tight and let a glorious line of man fat cream across your pretty features.

My dick is rock hard typing this.

Sometimes leave a little cum in your hair and walk out in public and let everyone see what your are.


M said...

wow what a night you had.. so so nuaghty. wifes stuck from comming home becuase of snow.. and your right there to keep him company and much more. not only you were in her house.. you was giving her husband some pussy and ass and to top it off in her bed. spreading your scent and love juice all over her bed. your stories get me so worked up and hard. if your ever in hawaii youhave fan here.. thats willing to give u spanking for being a very nuaghty girl fucking a wifes husband..o

Ed said...

I prefer a different type of snowball!