Saturday, 21 February 2009

Saturday !

I spent hours shopping today and picked these little beauties up. Before someone cocky says these are not my feet your right. But these are the shoe's I'll be wearing for the first time tonight! Wish me luck these heels are high. Maybe to high so high in fact that I wonder if I will suffer from vertigo!

Those that know me well will know that shoe shopping is one of my favorite things and the assistant was very cute. She really took her time to make sure I got what I wanted. Well on the shoe front anyhow.

They are beautiful though and they make all those hours in the gym worth it and really show off my calf muscles!

I'm just waiting for the cab to show up and then we are out on the town! So watch out it's been a while and I'm horny, horny, horny (as hell). I have a feeling things are going to get dirty tonight so I've got on one of my shortest of short skirts and I've gone commando (yes boys COMMANDO). All in all and even though I say it myself I feel a million dollars! Look out boys & girls. Robin XXX


RIV said...

I have to admit, those are some awesome looking shoes!
Makes me wonder if those are sold in the states...
Good luck on your adventure and keep us up to date on what mischief you get yourself into.

Ed said...

Smoking shoes hun! Looking forward to seeing you in them and nothing else.

relevent married guy said...

Ah yes, the preparations have been made and the attire chosen well. I look forward to hearing of your fun night. ;)
Yes, I love commando!!!!!

Menelaus said...

As a long-term (heavenblogs...)admirer Robin, do please drop me a line ... I'd love to see you in those shoes in the flesh.