Saturday, 7 February 2009


It was great to get back on the net last night. I spent the evening catching up on my e-mails and checking out my fav sites. I went to bed in the early hours of this morning having broken my record for the second day in a row. Just for the record that 7 times in one day. Never leave me at home alone hey! I should now be telling you about how sore my pussy I think it;s used to it. My friends never believe me when I tell them how often I masturbate. Some of them are lucky if it's once a month though. They don't know what they are missing!

So after heading to bed late I wasn't best pleased to be woken up someone beating down my door and ringing my phone. You'd have thought my house was on fire! I jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs. I opened the door and it was Pete.

Before I could say "what are you doing here" he'd pushed me back into my house and had his hands in my PJ's. We didn't even make it up the stairs Pete's cock sprung from his trackie bottoms and I gave him a sloppy bj before turned me round and fucked me at the bottom of the stairs. Pete was in no mood to be gentle and he pulled out his cock as he came spraying my bum and back up to my hair line with his hot spunk. I loved it.

I eventually pulled him up the stairs and pushed him on my bed. I licked his hard cock clean it tasted of the two of us and he was soon nice and hard again. I squatted over his cock rubbing my clit with it's head before I lowered myself down onto it. MMMM fucking fantastic! Grinding my hips hard I reached down and cupped Pete's balls giving them a gentle squeeze. Pete growned and I rubbed my clit to make sure I got the most out of being filled by a real cock for the first time in a couple of days.

It must have done the trick as Pete's cock pumped a second load of hot semen deep inside me. I lied back soaking up the pleasure and cumming hard on Pete's cock myself. Pete treated me to the most amazing tongue action as he licked my pussy and enjoyed watching his cum ooze from my pussy in a juicy cream pie.

Pete told me he had better get going... He'd told Gemma he was going out for a 'quick run' lol we'll he'd certainly worked up a sweat! I gave Pete a big kiss goodbye saw him out and then spent the next 20mins enjoying our dirty little encounter in the shower. Robin XXX


M said...

good morning to you.. wow what a day you had .. cum 7 times.. wow.. lucky pete came over and picked up the slack and fucked your pussy with a real hard cock and even fill it full of semen. and than ate the nasty twat full of his cum.. wham bam thank you man kind of fuck..

Anonymous said...

Great stuff