Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow Way!

I've been stuck at home for the past two days and it's driving me crazy. I stupidly left my lap top at work and I haven't even had Internet access to keep me busy. So what have I been doing?

We'll I've given all of my fav toys (and my not so fav's) a great work out. I've beaten my daily record and my house has never looked so clean!

I've also spent more time than I should of done on the phone to Pete. There were times where I nearly thought fuck it I'm going to go and see him. Gemma has been stuck in London the whole time and although it's fun phone sex just doesn't cut it for me (I'm sure that's why they invented the Internet).

I managed to convince my friend with a 4X4 that he should call by my office on his way home today and pick up my laptop from on of the 5 people that have made it in. He owes me a few favours and it's nice to call one in and finally have access to the Internet and to be able to catch up with my blog! I'm just sorry that there's no big news. Let just say it's a good job I've got a good supply of batteries! Robin XXX


Menelaus said...

Hey Robin

It's great to see that you've survived the snow. Down here on the riverside we've had a fair bit too.

Always, meant to ask, what is your daily record?

If I realised you'd a problem with no laptop, I'd have got my Landie out ... and that's not a euphemism!


M said...

i cant imagine stuck at home becuase of snow. glad you kept yourself entertained . must have been so tempting to go see pete ..