Sunday, 1 February 2009

Even more questions....

Here are Vronsky questions..... And my answers! Enjoy Robin XXX

Have you had sex with a bisexual man? If you have in your experience do straight or bisexual men make better lovers?

Yes, I have had sex with a bisexual man on a number of occasions. I have had great straight and bisexual lovers. I think it really comes down to what they are doing and where. I have to admit that giving a guy a bj while his lover fucked his ass has to rate as one of my strangest sexual experiences to date (a great turn on though). Although you can never have to many cocks around I did turn his lover down when he asked if I'd like to suck him clean.

Are your fingers in your pussy right now as you read this question?

Ha... You are new to my blog my fingers are never far from my pussy!

Have you had sex with a man who had taken Viagra (or similar)? If so, is it less of a turn on when you know he's chemically enhanced?

Yes on a number of occasions. When is really works it's a real turn on I don't care if they are chemically enhanced when I'm orgasmining my head off time and again.

Do your wildest times happen when drunk or sober?

Keep reading you soon get the picture! I can be wild when I'm both. But if you give me too much red wine then you'd better be ready because that's when I get really horny!

Do you ever use ordinary household objects (which weren't designed as sex toys) when you masturbate? If so which made you cum hardest?

These days I have enough sex toys so I don't need to. I did used to when I was younger and I had a brush that had a great handle. An ex of mine also dared me to use a cucumber that look more like a cock than a vegetable. He loved it although the pics he put on the Internet were a little embarrassing. Before you ask he kindly took them down when I pointed out that I had some rather embarising photo's of him.

Does it turn you on when we ask you dirty questions like this? I guess this is a similar question as Ed's "I'm enjoying this ...", but he's just a touch more subtle about it.

Yes! I love answering your questions and it turns me on to know it's turning you on! As I said anything goes on the questions front I'll soon say no if I don't like it!

You have the opportunity to watch two people have sex - it's through a glass wall so unfortunately you can't join in. You have the choice of watching 2 guys, 2 girls, or a guy and a girl. Which do you choose?

God! That's not easy. I'd like to watch the guy and girl. I hope it's a two way glass wall so that they can see me too. I make sure they fucked real close to the glass so I got to see everything! I have to get the girl to wank the guy so he cum's on the glass over my face. But of course the glass would stop it! Then I'd make her lick it all up!

What is the most public place where you have had sex?

In a bus stop late at night, on a packed train, in a park on a warm summers evening, in an alley, against a one way window (they could see us I couldn't see them), in a cab, on the top deck of a bus, in a hotel lift, next to a hotel swimming pool during the day. There's more but these are probably the most public.

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alohaguy said...

I just found your blog.. very sexy! and love reading it and it brings me to your world! and most of all it gets me very hard!

Can I ask you questions also.

1. Are you on the pill? i know you prob are with all the sex you enjoy

2. Do you tell guys your on the pill..

4. do you like rubbers?

5. how often do you masterbate?

6. IF your on the pill have you ever told a guy you wasnt on thepill.. then fucked him and made him cum in you?