Thursday, 12 February 2009

In here!

So there I am locked in a cubicle. I unzipped the guys fly he didn't even have an erection. I guess he was still a little shocked. After all it's not everyday you just say hi to someone in the pub and they drag you off to the ladies.

I grabbed his cock in my hand and it started to harden. I wanted to taste it so I pushed him back against the loo and dropped to my knees. Slurping his cock into my mouth. It was a fair size and it continued to grow as I slid it between my lips. It wasn't long before I could taste his precum leaking from his swollen cock. I took his cock as deep as I could gagging a little. He thrust to make me gag more and to push his cock deep so his pubes were tickling my chin.

I slurped back off leaving two long strings of spit. I spat on his cock and cupped his balls before sucking down on it again. This time I made it to the base and a his hips thrust I heard him swear. "Oh fuck" with that his balls tightened and he unloaded at the back of my throat. I let a little dribble from my mouth down over my chin and had to suck it back in. I showed him my hot mouthful and then swallowed it down.

I stood up and turned round lifting my skirt up my back and pulling down my thong. His hands reached round between my legs and a finger pushed inside my pussy. MMMMM I was dripping so I pushed my hips back and my hot wetness onto his waiting tongue. He hungrily lapped away at my wet hole, occasionally licking his way round to my hot little ring which sent pulses of electricity up my spin. I was spinning as a big orgasm started ripping through me. He grabbed hold of my hips to hold me up as his tongue licked away at my juices. I kissed him and grabbed his hardening cock. Wanking it back to full hardness pushing him back on the loo seat and squatting down on his cock.

It slid easily into my hot wetness and I worked my hips and pounded away at his hot cock. He was grunting away and I was moaning loudly. His paced quickened and he stood up nearly throwing me against the loo door. He started to really pound me as I pulled of my thong and rapped my legs round his back. I was so close to my second orgasm and as his cock bulged we orgasmed together. I straightened myself up gave him a kiss and left him in the loo. Leaving the pub and heading back to the office. MMMM what a way to spend my lunch hour! Robin

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M and A said...

Great story- thanks for posting -M