Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I had one of those days today... I just had to get some SEX! I couldn't concentrate and I thought I was going to explode. I text Pete but he's away with work so I headed down the pub at lunch time with sex on my mind.

The pub was pretty busy for a Wednesday and there were plenty of guys down there. Builders and business types alike. I good looking guy gave me a glance when as I made it to the bar. I could see him checking out my hand to see if there was a ring. A great start. I ordered a glass of wine and did my best to look like I was on my own. I've perfected the come and chat to me look over the years and it didn't take long. He wandered over and made some small talk.

I didn't care what he was chatting about I was already thinking of what I would do when I got him in the ladies. It sounds crazy but this happens from time to time and today was this guys lucky day. Of course he told me his name and explained that he was in town for a couple of days but I still wasn't listening. I lent forward to give him a good view down my top. "Ha caught ya!" he blushed. "No, don't apologise just come with me" I took his hand and led him through the pub to the loos.

Pushing him in the ladies he looked a little embarrassed as two came out. "Ignore them" I ordered. "In here"! Robin XXX

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M said...

so it was just like that.. and that fast... what happened in the ladies room