Sunday, 1 February 2009

Shopped out!

Yesterdays shopping trip was eventful to say the least. Caz picked me up and we headed up the road for an hour or so to try out the Bluewater Shopping Centre. Caz had been told by a friend of hers that it was worth a trip and with the longest month ever over and some money in our bank accounts we made an early start to bag some bargains at the end of the sales.

Getting there so early we nearly had the place to ourselves. I needed to get some new shoes and Caz had a massive list of things to pick up. In Top Shop the funniest thing happened. Caz was trying on some new clothes and I was just wandering round the store checking out a few things and a particular cute brunette that worked there. I realised I'd lost Caz and that she'd be trying on some clothes. There were two changing rooms in use and I had to pull back the curtain and burst into the wrong one.

Poor girl she did her best to cover up but I'd caught her trying on some new jeans and there she was in just a black thong. Of course I apologised and left. Not much of a turn on but nice to cop an eye full of flesh. Then I went into the other one where Caz was changing. She was trying on a new dress which looked great and luckily she didn't pick up on how flushed I was.

She brought the dress and we headed on. New Look was next. Caz took some clothes into the changing room while I hung around outside. Then a thought crossed my mind could I get away with bursting in on another random stranger?

I waited until a girl in her early 20's went into the cubicle opposite Caz. Picking up a t-shirt I pulled back the curtain and burst in again. "Why don't you try this..." I blurted to the half naked stranger. Stood there in just her bra. "Oh sorry wrong changing room" I blushed and went back to waiting for Caz. She came out with another arm full of clothes. I'm sure she commented on me being bored! Me never... Little did she know that I was getting some cheep thrills! Did I start the day as I meant to continue? I'll let you know more later. Robin XXX

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