Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sweating down the Gym!

I had a very sweaty encounter last night at the gym. After my lunchtime shag on Wednesday I was really feeling horny and should probably have spent the evening 'working out' at home!

Anyhow I found myself sitting in one of the sauna's on my own. It was hot, really hot I don't know who had been in before me but they had really overdone it. Sweat was poring off me and I was sitting there dying when a girl in her late teens walked in.

"Phew it's bloody hot in here" she said as she sat down opposite me. "Yeah it was this hot when I came in" I said. It wasn't long before the sweat was pouring off her too. We got chatting and I found out that she'd only been coming to the gym for three weeks.

Her last gym like mine last one had single sex sauna's where you could sit naked if you wanted too. She explained that it she had to keep on reminding herself that she couldn't just strip off. I was thinking to myself that I wished she'd forgotten tonight.

I giggled and said that when I'd first started coming I'd actually made that mistake. She laughed and went on about her boyfriend and how they'd been caught out sunbathing nude on holiday. There apartment was overlooked and they thought it wasn't or something like that.

To be honest the heat was really starting to get to me at that stage. "Right time for a shower" I said. "I'll hold out for a couple more minutes here nice to meet you. "Sorry I missed you name" she said. "Robin I replied, and yours?" Cloe she replied.

By the time I got home I couldn't get Cloe off my mind and I had a mind blowing orgasm fantasising about what the two of us could have got up to in the Sauna. Hopefully I'll see her again, maybe next time? Robin XXX


Julietta said...

Ha ha!! I love it!
Your writing is absolutely hilarious yet kinky and sexy :)
Thanx for following mine too xxx

Anonymous said...

Your stories are so good and I love your thoughts!