Wednesday, 25 February 2009

So do you really want too....?

I get lots of e-mails asking about my first time/s. I thought I'd share a few of my first time experiences with you all. Of course some I would rather forget about and others I have to pinch myself to believe I was there and that it happened to me!

My first, first time memories today will be about my first sex toy! I now have a big collection (at least 20+) but how did I get started?

One of my best friends at school was Alison, Ali lived around the corner from me just a couple of minutes walk. I'd been at school with here since we were 8 and I guess we were around 14 when one day she called me up and told me that I had to get straight round to hers. Her parents were away and Alison had been at home for a few days with her older brother James. James had had a bit of a party and Alison was cleaning up. I headed round wondering what was wrong Alison sounded a little flustered on the phone.

When I got to her place she opened the door and grabbed me by the hand leading me upstairs to her parents room. She pushed the door open and led me in. She pointed to something lying on the bed. I stepped forward and saw the toy lying on the covers. It was a big dildo well when I say big it was a lot bigger than the cocks I had seen at that time. "It's a sex toy" I stammered. "I know what it is" said Alison. "What the fuck should I do with it" Alison continued. "What do you mean" I replied. "Well my parents come home tomorrow I can hardly leave it here can I". She had a point. I made a few suggestions and we settled on the fact that I should take it home with me. The thinking being that if we put it back in the wrong place her mum would be suspicious where as if it went missing she was hardly going to ask "have you seen my dildo" at dinner. I helped Ali clean up the rest of her house and headed home with the dildo in a carrier bag.

Thankfully my parents were out when I got home so I headed up to my room to find a hiding place. I was sat on the edge of my bed thinking of where I could stash it when I started to think about what was in the bag. Ali's Mum was only young when she her so she wasn't your usual Mum type infact she was pretty hot and we got on well. She was always up for a laugh and I'd never really thought about her as anything else other than Ali's mum. Why was I beginning to think about her playing with the sex toy in my hand? I took it out of the bag and couldn't resist the urge to sniff it.

MMMM the smell that hit my nostrils really got my pussy buzzing. I lied back on the bed and ran the toy up my leg and under my skirt. I pushed it against my crotch. I didn't realise how horny I was and my juices dampened the material of my knickers. I pushed a little harder teasing the tip into my pussy and against the material. I moaned out loud and it was too late to stop. I took the toy to my mouth and sucked on the tip. Rubbing my pussy with my free hand. I don't know if I could but I was imagining that I could taste Ali's mum's pussy on the toy. I pulled my knicks to one side and pushed the toy against my folds.

It slide easily into my pussy and I couldn't stop myself. I was biting my lip hard and bucking my hips against the toy as I orgasmed. I had a few orgasms before (or should I say I thought I had) the big toy had really hit the spot and I lied there for ages with wave after wave of pleasure following over me. I pulled the toy from my pussy and it was now covered in my juices. I slide it back in the bag straightened myself up. A few weeks later Ali asked if I still had her mums toy. I told her that I thrown it away as it freaked me out! I always wondered if her mum had brought a new one and I never really saw Ali's mum in the same light again. That toy always hit the spot.. and there are few in my collection with such fond memories. Robin XXX


Anonymous said...

very hot story.....

Jimmy the Saint said...

Have you ever been with a black guy? I notice you stop at Sarah & Elizabeth's, which focuses on IR.

Robin said...

Yes I have been with black guys... Would you like to hear more about it?

Jimmy the Saint said...

Of course!! Especially if it involved multiple partners at once. ;-)