Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow joke!

There are a lot of pluses to being snowed in the following is one of them. "Hi Robin, Gemma is stuck in London. Fancy a fuck? Pete." Why you may ask (a side from another hot fuck with Pete - of course)? Well until I received the text I thought I was going to be stuck in the snow too. As I was also snowed in or well should I say 'I was' as Pete's text turns a 30min plus drive in to a 10min plus walk. Hurray for the snow day!

Now all I have to do is log off rap up and get walking! How long Gemma will be trapped in London is any one's guess but you can be assured that I'll bring you the latest when I can get near a PC. I loved the comments on last nights adventures and they left me determined to get dirtier so Pete better be ready!

After yesterday's quicky I'm hoping I get to spend a bit of time with Pete. It would be nice to make it to his bed. I love fucking a married man in his bed. Although there are emotional scars for him that might take a while to heal, for me there's too much of a turn on knowing that I'm supplying the electric dirty sex he craves that's been lost from their marriage. Anyhow... Enough of the chit chat, time to go and get some serious SEX! Robin XXX


Ed said...

Give us all the juicy details and then check your mail hun!

captain shame said...

I'm so glad you got your mouth completely filled. and more than just the once too.

It's so satisfying for us guys too when a little comes out. It nice when it dribbles out over your bottom lip and falls onto your tits.

Of course sometimes its nice not to cum in a girls mouth at all. I hope that sometimes you keep your beautiful slutty perfect mouth shut and let a man spray you willing sexy face.

The though of a line of cum across your face is making me rock hard.

and what about a little cum in your hair? If you had some cum in your hair I would beg you to go out into the public so everybody could see.