Monday, 2 February 2009

Alohaguy's Q's

While I sit here and wonder how I'm going to get home tonight with all this snow here's some questions from alohaguy and some answers from me.

1. Are you on the pill? i know you prob are with all the sex you enjoy

Yes, have been on the pill for years. Why run the risk!

2. Do you tell guys your on the pill..

When they ask. I only go bare back when there's no choice, I always carry a packet of condoms and don't mind stopping to roll one on! I sometimes wonder if that's why I have so much sex with other women as there's no issues around penetration. There is a bit of me that thinks about the risks (for a second) but I get regular check ups and I've been ok. I've heard some real horror stories from friends and I've seen how things can go wrong if you're not protected, but when I've got the horn it's game on most of the time.

4. Do you like rubbers?

Yes. See number 2.

5. how often do you masturbate?

God. To much if that's not the wrong answer. Most days between 2 to 4 times a day sometimes more. My friends a work think I've got a bladder problem! Little do they know :-)

6. IF your on the pill have you ever told a guy you wasn't on the pill.. then fucked him and made him cum in you?

No. How cruel is that! I have had guys call me up to check though. I've been tempted but I've always said that it's sorted. One morning after a particularly messy group session I had three guys ring me to check.... lol. That was one hell of a night though. God knows where they all got my mobile number from as they were all RS's. But that's another story. Robin XXX

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M said...

stuck from snow.. must suck to have to deal with snow..maybe you cum to hawaii.. glad your on the pill.. do you rubbers often.. i guess protecting your self from getting preg.. you have to think about stds.. but i know how it is in thhe heat of the moment and everything just happens and we all know that bareback is the best feeling.and having a pussy get filled with love juice is the best feeling. have u ever had a cum in you than he licked it up.. i love eating pussy filled with my cum .. than kisssing her after. .. have u ever been with asin guys. its my fantacy to fuck a white girl .. living in hawaii we more asian girls and thats the only i ever been with.