Thursday, 26 February 2009

Being busy sucks.... but then so do I :-)

Things have been flat out at work this week. We've had a reshuffle and I've had to move everything around in the office yesterday to accommodate Simon. He's only been with the firm a month he is 22 and not bad looking. He's funny and he's always up for a laugh. He has an on and off girl friend and loves to flirt! So much so that the other day when I was under my desk plugging in a printer he joked "while your down there". Well I hadn't had a sniff of cock of at least a day so I told him to sit on my chair. I pulled him in and unzipped his fly.... He was slightly shocked but went with it.

He cock hardened in my hand so I wrapped my lips round his fat cock. He picked up the phone and pretended to make a call while I took his cock to the back of my throat. He stuttered and grabbed the back of my head. I gagged slightly but went with it. Slurping away on Simon's cock I felt his balls tighten and his cock pump a load of hot jizz to the back of the my throat. I tried to hold as much of his hot spunk in my mouth as I could but he was filling my cheeks and a little dribbled out and down over my chin. I swallowed it all down and climbed out from under the desk giving my chin a quick wipe.

Simon returned to his desk too and we both got back to work. Simon still hasn't really said anything about it but I did get a text last night "Cheeky, do you fancy dinner on Friday? S." So I'll keep him hanging on that one! Right back to work it's a late one! Robin XXX

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relevent married guy said...

:) That is just way to fun! Thanks for sharing....wish that you worked with me.