Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Quiet at the Gym

My regular Tuesday night training session was a little lonely last night. Obviously the snow was still keeping people at home. In my class the regular 20 was down to 5 although we got an extra hard workout. It was harder to hide my interest in our super fit instructor too but I've worked out that they don't mind. It might even be a bit of a turn on. Something to work on there.

Although not as good as keeping your wife in town while you fuck at home another bonus of the snow was that I could wiz round the gym with no waiting to get on the equipment.

I hit the changing rooms and they were deserted too so I thought I run the risk of getting caught and take a shower naked in the communal shower. Of course this got me all excited and I was soon leaning against the wall fingering myself to a shuddering, leg weakening orgasm. I took my time getting dressed but still no one came in. Just as I was leaving a guy in his early 20's walked in isn't that just sods law and he missed out on the fuck of his life... lol. Well that's what I like to think.

I headed home and climbed into bed. Just as I was snoozing my phone jumped into life. It was a message from Pete. "missing you babe, can you come over tomorrow night @7, Gemma will be at her mum's for an hour" I text back "yes see you then babe, i hope you have some hard cock for me!".

So now I'm all to excited to focus on my work. Hence the rather boring blog.. I'll let you know what we get up to tonight later. Robin XXX


captain shame said...

I love to read, but tis good to have something to look at as well.

Why not take a camera over to Petes?

Would love to see those peachy tits covered in cream!

captainshame @ blogspot . com

Craig said...

Robin - here's a question for you. How do I get in touch with you to offer to take you for dinner? I've been reading you for a while and would love to find out more about you. Craig

Lol. I always like a good offer for dinner. Keep up the compliments and I might let you have my e-mail. Where would you take me?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, have been working abroad.

You are absolutely gorgeous and obviously intelligent and articulate too.

As for dinner - where would you like to go? I was thinking either to my club or to somewhere like Bentleys or Gaucho?

Feel free to drop me an email...

M said...

you must be having a hell if a time or his wife came home and joined you 2