Saturday, 28 February 2009

My date with Si!

My date with Simon lived up to all my expectations and more. He was at my front door for 9pm and we were off. He treated me to a fantastic meal at one of the best restaurants in town. Paying me compliments all the way through the meal (cheesy but very smooth, learn a lesson guys).

With the red wine kicking in I slide round next to Simon and slid my hand down his trousers. His cock was nice and hard and I gave it a couple of tugs and it stiffened in my hand. Simon did well when the waiter came over just asking for the bill despite me giving his cock a big tug. I guess it was obvious what I was up to but as always I didn't care. I felt Simon's cock tense and tighten and then he coated my hand in his sticky cum. It was a bit of a surprise as I was only teasing him but I guess it was all to much. I pulled my sticky hand from his pants and licked the cum from my fingers (mmm nice desert).

He paid and we left. Heading back here to my place. I waisted no time in getting Simon up to my room and I crawled across the bed. He saw for the first time that I'd not been wearing any knickers. He grabbed my hips and sunk his tongue into my pussy. His nose pressing hard to my ass. I buried my head in the pillow. Si tongue was really hitting the spot and I guess that he was keen to return the restaurant wank! MMM... my legs weekend and I screamed into my pillow as his tongue jabbed against my bum hole for the first time. There aren't many guys that are into doing that and I love it and it wasn't long before a huge orgasm ripped through me.

Si waisted not time in dropping his trousers and pushing his hard cock deep into my pussy. I came again much hard than the first time and Simon really had to hang on as I thrashed around on the bed. He pulled me back hard against his cock thrusting it into my tight wetness. I'll have to give more guys at the office a blow job if they are going to do this to me! Simon hadn't finished though and he pulled his cock out of my pussy and pressed it into my ass.

A pulse of electricity pushed through me and I collapsed onto the bed Si kept going until he grunted hard and filled my tight little bum with his hot spunk. Groaning as he jetted wad after wad in my tight back passage before collapsing on top of me. I rolled him over and kissed my way down to his limp cock. Pulling back his foreskin and licking it all clean. Si cock was still throbbing and I could taste my tangy bum and my pussy juices along with Si spunk. Meanwhile his hot seed was leaking at pace from my bum hole down the back of my thys and onto my heels. MMMMM.

Si pulled me up to his face and jabbed at my pussy with his tongue. He too could taste the mix of flavours and he seemed to be loving it. His tongue stabbed and jabbed until I came again collapsing in a heap on top of him. Amazing!

Si had to be up early to go and play football so I made sure that I woke him up with a hot bj. I'm sure he'll play better knowing that he's arranged to come to a party with me tonight and I've promised him it's going to be night to remember! I've just got to work out how to top last night now! Robin :-x

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