Saturday, 31 January 2009

Catch up!

Why I am up so early on a Saturday you ask? Well if you don't at least I am. I've got a banging headache (yes to much wine) and I could really do with going back to bed (to sleep of course).

I'm heading off with Caz on an epic shopping trip today and she's picking me up at 9am so I'd better get sorted. Quite where we are going I'm not sure as she went on so long about having been broke all month and dying to spend some money all day yesterday in the office I'd tuned out. Sorry Caz.

I do have some updates to bring you so hopefully we won't be back to late and I'll have five to bring you all the juicy (and they are juicy :-) ) details. I'll also try and get back to you on some of those exciting questions you've been asking. Right time to go. Otherwise I'll be shopping with a wet patch! Which as nice as it might sound isn't a great way to start the day! Catch up later. A very tired Robin XXX

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