Sunday, 18 January 2009

It's your turn!!!

Ha... That got your attention... I've been thinking that your the people that make my blog and it would be nice to give something back.. So feel free to ask me some questions. If I get enough to make it worth while I'll put together a post with all the answers next week. How's that?

Anything goes so get posting on the comments now!

Just to prove that my life isn't all sex I went out with an old school friend Jess today we did lunch at the pub and took her puppy for a walk this afternoon! Far to normal I'm sure you'll all agree! Robin XXX


Anonymous said...

So I've just started following your blog. As one sex addict reading another sex addicts blog, I really love it and can relate to the insatiability. Anyways, here's a question for this thing you're doing:

I notice you post a lot about being with women. Do you prefer women or men? And why?

Ed said...

Sexy robin
Q1: mmf or mff? Describe the best of each.
Q2: we meeting soon? ,)