Saturday, 10 January 2009

Forget Friday night!

I know I promised you an update on Saturday but as always my day didn't pan out quite how I planned. I woke up with a text on my phone "can you make it into the office today? Sam" Sam is our dept secretary she's 21 and a real hottie. I've tried to keep thing business with Sam but to wake up to her text after my Friday night exploits well there was no way I wasn't going to chance my luck and not go to the office.

I'll give you a quick lowdown on Friday... It started after work with a couple of drinks and then I bumped into a few of my friends. We ended up heading to a club and that's where things got messy three bottles of wine later and I was sat in some guys lounge (Matt) with two his friends (Simon and Dave) and another girl call Jo. I hoped it was going to get messy and I wasn't disappointed. What did surprise me though was how forward Jo was. Now I'm not one to hang around but she was either so horny that she couldn't wait or just know how to get what she wants, certainly no time waster.

"Come on boys, lets see some cock.. Can't you see Robin and I are as horny as fuck?" with that she sat on my lap and planted a wet toungy kiss. I was taken back but only for a second and wasted no time in giving the boys a show. While we snogged I pulled down Jo's top and her bra giving the boys a great view of her tits. Her nipples hardened between my fingers and the boys watched on in disbelief.

Jo had on a short skirt so I hitched it up and rubbed her pussy through the material of her thong. Soon I could feel a wet patch growing. I opened my eyes and looked at the guys. Simon and Dave had already got their cocks at while Matt was tugging at his through his jeans. Jo's hands were all over me and she was unbuttoning my blouse. Soon my blouse was open and I was in Jo's hands. I pushed her legs open wide and pulled her wet thong to one side. Her pussy smelt intense. "Who's first?" Jo slumped into the couch and Matt stepped up cock in hand. I took over guiding him into Jo's tight pussy... Of course she was wet enough to take it.

While Matt took care of Jo I crawled over to Simon and Dave. Simon didn't have the biggest of cocks but Dave's was a monster... I crawled up between them taking a cock in each hand and giving them a good hard wank. Warming up with Simon's I sucked it between my lips hooking my lips around his fat helmet. MMM plenty of salty precum. Dave was playing with my tits and I knew I'd have to get my mouth open to swallow his monster. I switched from Simon to Dave and squeezed his fat monster into my mouth. It's girth made it a very slurpy blowjob.

Meanwhile Jo was moaning away... then she started to scream as her first orgasm took hold. That was enough for Simon and he pumped a big wad of spunk over the side of my face and in my hair. That must have done something for Dave as his monster spewed wad after wad into my hot mouth. I opened wide so Dave could see just how full my mouth was before swallowing the load down for the two of them.

While they recovered I crawled on all fours over to Jo... Licking the hot spunk from her pussy... I kissed my way up to her mouth dribbling he hot spunk from my mouth to hers the guys were loving it.... Jo and I snogged. I felt my skirt pulled up over my back and then my undies were round my knees.. Dave's tongue was exploring my tight hole and then round to my pussy. Of course I was dripping and Dave seemed to love it. It wasn't long before his cock replaced his tongue. OMG I was in ecstasy. It wasn't long before Dave swapped with Simon and then Matt... God three hot cocks and my fingers were deep in Jo's hot wet pussy.

I sat down on the couch next to her and the guys took it in turns to fuck us both. Every time I would get near an orgasm the guys would swap and a fatter, thicker, softer, longer cock would fill me. It was odd how each on hit a very different spot. It was Simon that pushed me over the edge. His cock was so hard it penetrated deeper than Dave's and had me screaming the place down much to Jo's amusement! I've got her number and we'll meet on Wednesday night (she trains in the same gym as me).

What I night.. I got a cab home updated my blog (of course) and headed to bed!

I'll bring you the rest of my weekend soon!

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mommasboy said...

I love slutty girls, and you're one of the best I've seen in this blogging scene. Keep up the good work. How about a good shot of your pussy and ass after you've had a few loads dropped in each one? Eating Creampies is the best!