Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Quick tease...

I promised an update and it's getting late so I'm going to make this quick(ish)

Yesterday I called into the office before heading down to the gym. I bumped into Sam. She was looking very sexy and I could have just ripped her clothes off there and then and gone to town on her on my desk. Anyhow we had to keep it work, but I could tell she was mentally undressing me as fast as I was her. We rapped up the work stuff and I asked her when she was coming over. She said she wasn't sure and what was I up too that evening. I told her that I was off to the gym that evening and guess what she was too. Great!

I convinced her to join me in my bodypump class (I've always chuckled at the name). A new instructor this week but she was fit and wore a naughty Lycra number that she kept on having to pull out of her bum... mmm I would have done that with my tongue in a flash!

Nest we hit the Sauna. Wow... Hotter than hot! Sam and I squeezed in between the guys and girls that had really pumped up the heat. The heat had me dripping. I really struggled to keep my hands to myself and my mind was wandering into Sam's bikini bottoms.

I had my hand on her thy and I could feel the heat coming from between her legs. I fixed a long stair and we knew it was time to go. I practically pushed her into the shower and soaped up her back making sure I got a couple of naughty brushes against her bum and boobs, much to the delight of the guys in the changing room (remember their mixed now) then we bundled each other into a changing cubicle. Luckily the disabled one was big enough for the two of us.

I wasted no time in pulling Sam's bikini to one side and practically jamming a couple of fingers in her soaking pussy. We kissed and she moaned as I fingered her clit. Her legs were shaking and I had to go down on her. She perched on the bench and I licked my way down to her pussy. It tasted as sweet as ever and was a lot wetter than the first time I'd tasted her. She wobbled and moaned as I hit the spot time and time again then her legs went as her orgasm took hold. She pulled my face tight against her as her juices trickled down my tongue. Soooooo HORNY.

Sam and I dressed quickly and practically ran back to my car. I hadn't even made it home before Sam's hand had made it's way into my joggers. I jumped out of the car and we ran inside. We ended up on the couch with Sam tearing my clothes off. Sam was out of control and I couldn't hold back either as I orgasmed on her tongue time and time again. She has really got the hang of getting me off and if I didn't know better I'd have put money on the fact she'd been practicing!

The plan was to give Sam a lift home but we ended up falling into bed and the action didn't stop there. I woke up at 7am with Sam still sleeping next to me. I woke her up with my tongue making sure that she was more than in the mood to start the day in the best way. We ended up soaked and sexed up in the shower. I gave Sam a lift to the office and I headed off to my first meeting of the day. Robin XXX

Here's another cheeky office pic for those of you that asked what was under my skirt.


Anonymous said...

Oh yummy. Can i get a job that sits right between your legs and bury my face there?

Ed said...

And there was me thinking you were commando! You have mail..

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for linking into my blog. You are an excellent writer!
Thanks for sharing your stories!

mommasboy said...

I think I would appreciate a 'commando' shot as well!