Wednesday, 21 January 2009

More Questions.....

WOW.. That's more like it. The question thing seems to have hit a cord with you guys. I'm enjoying it so I'll go with it... I do have an update to write so hopefully I'll have time for that too!

What is your fetish? If you could pick just one of course... Mr...

Good Question! It's the pick one bit that has me stuffed. I'm going to be naughty and pick two.

The first and I don't get to go with this one as often as I like, is feet and toes. I know shocker! But I do have a thing for feet. Mainly other women's but I love guys paying attention to mine (I hope your all taking note) I've been told that I'm a great toe sucker and I have a thing for foot jewelry and arches... You have to be a foot person to understand! I worked in a shoe shop for years so I like to think I'm a bit of an expert!

The second is either going to weird you out or turn you on immensely! I have a thing for collecting undies. Nothing odd in that you might think as your right in that most of them are my own brought new. But I do have a box of 'trophies' from various conquests and I have been known to borrow a pair or two from the gym or other places that they are left lying around. In fact I might do that soon, when I do it always makes a great story. Not many people have seen the box but those that do love it and always want to add to the collection :-0 I'll leave you to decide if that's turn on or turn off - freak or unique!

On a serious note, do you actually think you have a sex addiction? Just curious, I wonder it about myself sometimes. Mr...

You've read my blog. I'm trapped I just can't get enough! Addiction just about covers it I think!

I'd be interested in meeting too... how does one do that? Mr..

Another good question.. If you look hard you'll find my e-mail. Drop me a line and we'll go from there.

Man, can i hire you or something?? :P The Dude

LOL. There's and idea or would that make me a prostitute? Who cares! Although I don't come cheap and I've been told I'm very high maintenance! Or is it just that I have a never ending sexual appetite?

Would you describe your first sexual experience? No necessarily the first time you had sex, but the first time you explored yourself and/or someone else. Mommasboy

I'll do that for you... Stay tuned as they say. It's busy at work right now but if I get five I'll treat you to the story of my earliest encounters.

PS - I hope you like the pic it combines both my fetishes :-) Robin XXX


RIV said...

i asked this question to another blogger and i am curious;
does anyone in real life (friends, family, etc..) know about this blog?

are there any fantasies you want done still?

M and A said...

*favorite position/ sex act?
*What do you think of porn? Any favorite websites, movies, or actors?

Been enjoying your blog- thanks for sharing

mommasboy said...

Hmmm, Would you like me to add to your pantie collection?

Let me know, I can be reached via my profile info....