Sunday, 11 January 2009


I woke up to a text from Sam. "Hope your ok Robin can't stop thinking about you. Naughty Sam" I texted back "Come on over you've got some making up to do!" She text back for my address and half hour later there was a knock at the door. I was just having an easy day in joggers and a t'shirt but Sam had made a real effort. I short black dress lots of lippy and a pair of black heels. "You look fantastic, head through to the lounge it's on the right" I followed Sam in and Sat next to her on the couch. Before I could say anything she blurted out "I'm sorry about yesterday Robin... It's just that was my first time with another woman and I was a little embarrassed... I didn't mean..." I didn't let her get any further as I planted a kiss on her lips.

She wasted no time in slipping in her tongue as we snogged each others faces off. Her hand dived strait inside my joggers too. Her fingers searching out my wetness and for a novice she was doing a great job. I pulled her skirt up and was pleased to see that she wasn't wearing any undies. As my finger's probed her warm wet pussy. She pushed me back on the couch and slid down between my legs pulling my jogging bottoms down. She watched her fingers work my pussy before slowly pressing her hot tongue to my wet lips.

I was in ecstasy. Sam was really making up for running out on me and I was loving the attention. Her lack of experience was more than made up for with her enthusiasm and she sucked my clit till I nearly screamed my place down.

I'll be back in a second I said running upstairs to my room. Of course I'd forgotten that Sam had ran out on me the day before but I had a treat in store. I pulled out my toy box and picked up my double ender... I ran back downstairs an into the lounge. Sam was sat on my couch with her fingers buried in her pussy. I pushed her back and went down on her making sure she was nice and wet then I pushed the dildo into her. It's not small so I was careful to make sure she could take it.

Then I span her round and sat on the couch facing her. Pushing the other end into my dripping pussy. Then I worked it between us. Sam kept on lifting her hips letting the dildo slip out and I fed it back in gently every time. I was so turned on and we were now so close I hardly had to move the dildo. I rubbed Sam's clit as she screamed and orgsamed sending a stream of juices running onto the couch. I scooped them up pressing them to my lips as I could feel another orgasm ripping through me.

Sam made sure that I had the biggest orgasm of the afternoon by practically sitting on top of me pushing the dildo deep inside as my orgasm throbbed through me... amazing.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring each other's body's and I taught Sam a few tricks!

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Ed said...

Next time FILM IT! Mmmmmm