Friday, 2 January 2009

The full low down.... 09!

I decided to get up early and make it back to my place. Fortunatly the roads were pretty quiet so I've made good time. Litterally unpacked and sat down to bring you the low down on New Years.

Hopefully reading New Years 07-08 didn't leave you thinking I'm too much of a slut. But reading it really got me in the mood for seeing in 2009 with a bang! I had some great suggestions for what I should wear. I'm really beggining to wish that I hadn't mentioned wearing a bin bag as that seems to have set far to many imaginations running. Not that I'm not enjoying hearing what you'd like to do to me dressed in the bin bag. Although I can guarantee that some of you won't be seeing that fantasy forfilled. Anyhow back to New Years.

I made it to the shops on Wednesday and spent all of my Christmas money on my New Years outfit. A pair of knee lengh white boots, a white mini skirt and a white boob tube. I've just read it on paper and it sounds like a horrible outfit. It looked a lot better on and the boots and the skirt really showed off my legs and my boob tube showed off my clevage and at least guys would be checking out my flat stomach which I've been working on all year! (I'll see if Caz got some pics at the party....)

So where did I end up? Yes you've guessed it down the local pub! Despite several e-mail offers the Pub is within easy walking distance and a lot of my old friends were going. I wandered down just after 8.30pm with Caz and Steve. Caz had made an effort but Steve was just wearing a pair of jeans and a white T'shirt. We nearly froze to death walking but the cold was soon forgoten when a glass of coplimentary champers was pushed into my hand. One of my old friends from school Stef ran over and gave me a big hug. We haven't seen each over for years she was out with a group of old friends and it was great to catch up.

More drinks and the disco kicks up a gear. Of course I'm first out on the dance floor and it's not long before Caz, Steff and her friends Karly and Shaz are up there with me. bunch of tarts! It's all going off. But where are all the guys? Stood at the fucking bar! I danced over and grab a couple by the hand as does Caz pulling steve onto the dance floor with a couple of his mates. Now we have a party!

More dancing and then one the guys I pulled onto the dance floor offers me a drink. We're at the bar chatting and Gary is asking me all sorts and a couple of drinks later we are back on the dance floor. It's obvious that he fancies me, and he's not bad looking.

OMG it's 11.45 already.... Nearly the count down to midnight. SO carried away partying!! It's 2009.... Time to start snogging! With so many guys and girls everywhere it's a right old snog fest. Gary got an extra long one... with tounges (hang on I think I kissed everyone with tounges) It was great to actually be able to remember midnight for a change! With the pub closing at 1pm we didn't have long to get more drink down us and we played a couple of drinking games with everyone, what a laugh. Gary ended up back at Caz and Steve's with me.

Caz took Steve off up to bet and they were soon banging around to see the New Year in. I couldn't belive it had taken me all night to get a cock in my hand, so I wasted no time in unzipping Gary's fly and feeding his hard fat cock into my mouth. He lied back on the couch and seemed to be loving the attention. I was licking and spitting and sucking Gary's hard cock and sucking his balls into my mouth I was getting well carried away.

I stood up and lifted my skirt... Pulling my undies to one side and flicking my clit I dipped my finger in my wetness and pressed it to Gary's lips. That was it. His hands were round my waste and he pulled my wet pussy into his face. He hit the spot in one and I was bitting my lip hard and trying not to colapse. Gary was jabbing at my swollen clit with his tounge and I was in extacy. My legs were going but he was gripping my butt cheeks tight to stop me from colapsing which just made my first orgasm all the more intense. When I'd finished my first I lowered my pussy down onto Gary's hard cock as he held the base to keep it straight. It slipped straight in and I moaned loudly as I ground my pussy against him. His fat cock really stretching me.

It wasn't long before I felt Gary's cock tighten and his body tensed as his cock erupted setting off another orgasm. When my heart returned to my body I slipped off Gary's hot cock and licked it clean. Tasting his cum and my pussy juices that had mingled on it. I must have been doing a good job as Gary was fully erect as I sluppered off his fat helmet. Well not wanting to waste the chance I turned round and lowered my pussy onto his cock. Riding him reverse cowgirl. Reaching down I flicked my clit and and gropped Gary's balls. My juices running down over the two of us.

We fucked for ages in this position as I could really grind down on Gary's cock and rub my clit at the same time. I had a couple of orgasm's before I grabbed hold of the base of Gary's cock and he pumped away again. Filling me with more hot spunk. By now it was nearly 4am and Gary said that he'd love to stay but he'd better get going. I wasn't until Caz asked me how long Gary had stayed at Breakfast that I found out that he was married! Oh well I wasn't going to complain as I was just looking for a good night out and I'd got that. Although I don't think Mrs Gary will be getting any for a couple of days.....

So that was New Years 2008 - 09 plenty of no strings attached sex just as I like it. No thick head a well fucked pussy and a great way to start 2009... Hold on tight this year I think it's going to be fun! Robin XXX

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