Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Ready? Here goes!

I've been fit to burst all morning... It's been a frantic start to 2009 but I've finally made it to my lunch break and got a few mins to update you as to what happened at the weekend.... Saturday was certainly a day to remember.... and Sunday wasn't bad either!

I was pacing up and down the lounge beside myself with excitement and sex when the doorbell went. I practically ran to front door and I swung it open expecting to see one of my conquests stood there as horny as I was. In stead there was a very angry woman. Before I could even say hello she started yelling at me "who the fuck do you think you are fucking my husband on New Years?" she shouted. Pushing me in the chest. I was in shock here was I ready for sex and I had this bitch practically pushing me back into my house. I didn't quite know what to say and so when she started phisically pushing me back inside I was pretty much off guard and in no real state to argue with her.

She pushed me back into the lounge still shouting "you bitch how dare you think you can shag my husband. Who the fuck do you think you are. Doing that without me!" I was about to shout back when I realised what she'd just said. "What did you say?" I asked. "I asked why you shagged my husband without me?" I realised that she was pranking me... She pushed me back onto my couch and straddled me. Putting a hand on each shoulder. I was sure if she was going to snog me or strangle me. In fact at the time I was sure it was going to be the latter. Then she kissed me. It didn't take long for our tongues to tangle and I could taste cock in her mouth. Obviously she had travelled down with Gary but where was he?

I didn't have time to worry about that. As my attacker pulled my top down and went to work on my nipples softly biting them and making sure they were nice and stiff. I reached up under her coat and had a finger pressed against her soft wet clit. I rubbed it as her attention turned to between my legs. My own undies had gone at lunch and she wasted no time in burying her head between my legs. I was in ecstasy and it wasn't long before my first orgasm ripped through me.

She reached in her pocket and pulled out a little bullet vibe and worked it hard against my clit. My juices were running out of me like she'd turned on a tap and she scoped them up and fed them to me. I couldn't wait any longer I had to taste her pussy so we swapped places on the couch and I spread her legs wide. She was shaved bald and he lips were so puffy and wet. My tongue lapped against her hard clit sending her into orbit. She was moaning loudly and when I pushed the bullet vibe inside her, she began to scream as a massive orgasm ripped through her, lifting her hip off the couch and bucking away.

I licked my lips and kissed her again. She whispered in my ear. "Can we go up to your bedroom?" I didn't need asking twice and took her by the hand and led her up the stairs. I through her onto the bed and licked my way up from her toes to her pussy. She was thrashing around on my bed as I pulled off her skirt and her coat before pulling her jumper over her head. This blond stranger looked so sexy on my bed. I stripped of the rest of my clothes and lowered my dripping pussy onto her face and went to work on a sloppy 69. She wasted no time in burying her nose in my tight little ass as she licked my pussy. Juices running down her tongue she poked her tongue against my tight little hole.

Yet another orgasm ripped through me and I decided to return the favour, but before I could she stood up and pulled something from the pocked of her coat. "Lie back" she whispered first she tied my hand to the end of the bed then the other and then she put a blindfold around my face. MMMMM I was in heaven. She lapped away between my legs and then I heard a mobile beep it wasn't mine. She slid of the bed and then I heard the bedroom door latch. Footsteps and voices on the stairs. My body tightened as I heard the door open. I was aware that there was someone with her but who and how many I had no idea.

I felt her hot lips return to my pussy and push my legs up and back. I could hear the familiar sound of a cock wanking or was that two or three? Then just as the next orgasm was building she moved away and I felt a warm cock nudging at my wet hole. Of course it slid straight in and felt incredible. Two rough hands grabbed my bum and the cock started thrusting. Just as I thought I'd died and gone to heaven I felt another hard cock being pushed against my lips. I just let my tongue lick around the heavily precumed helmet as it bounced of my face.

I tried to take it in my mouth but it's owner kept on teasing me and of course I couldn't see where it was going but judging by the slurping she was having a go too. By now I was too far gone as the big cock in my pussy was starting to build up a real rhythm and tightened as wad after wad of hot spunk exploded inside me. I was screaming as I felt jet after jet hit my face and chin too. Splashing into my mouth and down over my neck onto my tits. Then I could feel her licking me me clean. Literally sucking the spunk out of my sexed up pussy I was just a shaking mess.

But was surprised me was that her lips were soon replaced with another hard cock. I knew Gary recovered quickly but surely there wasn't three dicks in my bedroom with her? Well I didn't really care as it thrust away and a limp cock bounced of my chin. I sucked it into my mouth and could taste a mixture of juices. I could hear her having sex too. I was in ecstasy. I rapped my legs around the owner of the cock and pulled him tight as he started cumming. I nearly screamed the place down which started her off too it was a cum fest!

I don't know how long this carried on for and I wasn't going to argue. I was loving all the attention and it was great to just be able lay back and have all those cock's and tongues play with me. I lost count of how many times I was fucked but they just kept on cumming.

I could smell her wetness hovering above my face way before she lowered it onto my tongue. As she did I could feel a big shoe lace of cum dribble into my mouth. I've never licked such a wet pussy there was so much cum in there I could only imagine the state of mine as my tongue explored her wet folds. I sucked her clit between my teeth and bit softly the pulsing dribbled more hot spunk into my mouth. I could feel her tongue licking my belly and down to my pubes. My legs were shaking as her tongue licked the juices from around my well fucked hole. It wasn't long before she was hanging on for dear life as the biggest orgasm of all ripped through me. This set her off and I just swallowed down mouth full after mouth full of juices. I felt like a right slut.

She rolled off the bed. Everything went quiet, then I heard her come back into the room and untie my wrists. Then she pulled down the blindfold. It was just her. My bedroom stank of sex and my duvet was dripping wet but there was just her and I in the room.

She took my hand and led me through to the bathroom where the shower was running we climbed in and soaped each other off. "So where are they" I asked. "Oh don't worry about them Robin they'll be back" We showered off and slipped on a couple of bath robes before heading down stairs. I was so well fucked it was hard to walk straight. No sooner had I made it to the lounge than the doorbell went. I opened it and it was Gary with a big Indian take out. I was starving after all that sex. Gary walked into the lounge "I see you meet Sara then Robin?"

"Yeah, I guess" I smiled. After dinner I asked if Sara and Gary wanted to head back up to my room. We were back on my bed in a flash just the three of us and no bondage this time. Sara and I spent the night taking it in turns to fuck and suck Gary's fat cock and driving each other crazy with my collection of sex toys. They didn't leave until 3pm on Sunday and it was the craziest 24hrs of sex I've had in a while. As for who the other guys were Sara and Gary were tight lipped on that one. I guess I'll have to see who they bring when they come down again in a couple of weeks... I can't wait! Robin XXX


Anonymous said...

Move to Los Angeles, please?

Ed said...

Yum yum....a worthwhile text after all! Next time it could be me texting.........:)

RIV said...

oh my! that was hot!!
just found your blog today and I'm looking forward to pouring over it!

Geyser said...

Great blog Robin. Just dove right in, and am raw from wanking all day while trying not to go blind. Mmmmm, you cum girl!