Wednesday, 14 January 2009

It's just silly....

I thought that I had it good in the run up to Christmas but it's gone crazy of late I can't remember ever having the run of encounters that I've had. Of course it's all good for me but it means that I don't have time to update my blog! Which is bad news for you!

Welcome along to the new blog followers it's great to have you and I hope you enjoy the snippets of my crazy life. Feel free to join in and post a comment. I love to hear if my adventures are turning you on as much as I love to tell you about them!

I'll try and do a more detailed update for my adventures this week when I get time but here's a catch up... If your interested (and I hope you are!).

So your back up to speed here I am at lunch time in my lounge horny as fuck!.. Sorry it was all a bit rushed and a bit long... Hopefully I'll get chance to bring you more of an update soon...!

Don't forget to read Saturday, Sunday and Monday/Tuesday :-) Robin XXX

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mommasboy said...

How about a story of your earliest sex 'adventure', not necessarily having sex, but maybe the first time you played with the neighborhood boys/girls...any experiences as a child with an older person (teenager/adult)?