Saturday, 3 January 2009

Random Text

This morning I got a random text... It just said "I'll be at the end of the landing strip at noon. Be there". Now I wasn't quite sure what to make of that or what to do so I text back "who is this" nothing. Then about 20mins later I just got a picture. At first it was hard to make out who or what it was but then I realised it was a shot down the the front of a pair of knicks (I managed to get the pic of my phone... Looking at it now it's obvious what it's a pic off but I'm not a morning person and this was the last thing I expected to get on my mobile). What made it difficult to work put at first that was that it was shaved bare and there was a dribble of juices leaking onto the black material. It looked like more of a leaky wound than a wet pussy... and the black material was obviously the owners knickers. NICE PIC!

My first thoughts were why didn't she send me this when I was still in bed and my second thought was FUCK it's two hours drive back to the pub!!!! I texted back... "I'm at home why don't you come and see me?" This time a message beeped back in seconds... Where? So I text my address. "I'll be there for two today. Be ready SEXY!" So now I'm sat here with 15mins to go. I've had to take my undies off I'm so wet and excited. I just keep on looking at the pic and thinking MMMMM.. I can't wait.. My mouth is watering right NOW! I'll check back in later when I find out who it is and what they want to do to me! Stay tuned... Robin XXX

Quick update... I've just a text to say that 'they' are held up in traffic... OMG I am going to burst!


Confessor X said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, what a great first post to read...I cant wait to see how it ends!! "THEY"!!! mmmm!!!!

Anonymous said...

I too just found your blog and I am sad I haven't been reading it for last 3 months!!