Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Question time....

I'm a little disappointed :-( I hoped to have a few more questions to answer but hey at least a few of you posted so here's a reply to one's so far. Feel free to ask away at anytime. As I've said before I like getting your feedback and questions as much as I enjoy posting my experiences.

Robin - here's a question for you. How do I get in touch with you to offer to take you for dinner? I've been reading you for a while and would love to find out more about you. Craig

Lol. I always like a good offer for dinner. Keep up the compliments and I might let you have my e-mail. Where would you take me?

I notice you post a lot about being with women. Do you prefer women or men? And why? Mr...

I didn't think there was a trend! I'm very bi and take it as it comes. I guess lately there have been more 'encounters' with female friends and sometimes it goes that way. I've not really been trying as you know from reading my blog I'm pretty easy and will take it as it cums. Cock or pussy if it smells of sex I'm into it and onto it... Sorry that makes me sound really slutty!

mmf or mff? Describe the best of each. Ed

As above I'll take it as it comes.. I'd love to try more mmfmff they are fun. For me if you have two guys your the centre of attention and that can be incredible if a bit messy at times. If the guys are up for it there's lots you can do with two cocks and I love the feeling of a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy, guaranteed to get me off every time.

With another woman then I'm spoilt for choice. Again there's nothing better than a cock in my pussy and a pussy in my face. Doggystyle or cowgirl I'm not complaining. Depending on who I'm with sometimes the guys can feel a little left out but I always try to remember if I get carried away that they are there too... Sorry guys. Depends if a threesome is the only way I'm going to get to have sex with someone.

The same can said for guys. Sometimes if they're married then a threesome is that only way to get with them then I can focus far to much attention on them. I've been lucky and I haven't really pissed off any wife's totally but I have had a couple go to sleep. lol The the action really hots up with hubby. Sorry I'm rambling! Robin XXX

PS: As for meeting up? Check your e-mail big boy! I hope you like the pic of me working hard in the office.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity! I like the idea of a free Q&A session; well done. I do have a couple more though.

1) What is your fetish? If you could pick just one of course...

2) On a serious note, do you actually think you have a sex addiction? Just curious, I wonder it about myself sometimes.

3) I'd be interested in meeting too... how does one do that?

Anonymous said...

A very hot photo and a very good blog. I love reading, and would love to know more. I've got some ideas of some dirty things I'd like to do with you (and am always game for M-F-M too),

Anonymous said...

Man, can i hire you or something?? :P

Ed said...

Checked - nada - sent to you too. Hot pic hun, assume nothing on under that short skirt!

Anonymous said...

Very fun and hot blog. Love the title.

mommasboy said...

Great picture robin, you have fantastic legs. Please post more!

I have a question, would you describe your first sexual experience? No necessarily the first time you had sex, but the first time you explored yourself and/or someone else.

If you've already made a blog entry to that effect, please let me know which one and I'll read it.

Still looking forward to antic in your new health club, btw.