Friday, 23 January 2009


My original plan was to stay in tonight and to save myself for a big night out with my friend Dani tomorrow night. Dani moved to Newcastle three years ago and I haven't been out with her in ages she's a blast and really knows how to party and as much as a party animal as I am I struggle to keep up when Dani's leading the way.

Anyhow about 20mins ago I got a text "You partying tonight?" well of course I text back to see who it was. Pete and the guys from one of the companies I do a lot of work with. There Christmas party was a right laugh. I texted Pete back asking where he was and he called me back within seconds.

Despite my protesting he's promised it will be worth it so now I'm sat here sort of glamed up waiting for a cab to drop me off in town. I hate being so easy :-) It should be a good evening or am I gluten for punishment (mmm I fancy a bit of that)! Only time will tell! Have a good one. Robin XXX


Anonymous said...

Have a great time! Nothing is easy.

I enjoy your site, drop by and see mine sometime.

Richard said...

Hope that it was worth your while.