Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Work, Home and BB!

It's funny, I havn't been able to write up my tales at work for while and I'd forgotten just how horny I could get writting up my adventures. I finished typing yesterday and I was buzzing (and dripping). I couldn't resist waddling to the ladies and having a play. I was soaking and sooo horny. Sadly no one came in as I couldn't stop my self from groaning as I rubbed myself off. MMMM that would have put a spin on it!

I had to make two presentations yesterday afternoon and it was a real thrill to present knowing that my undies were so wet and my clit was still swollen. I don't think anyone could tell but I've broken my own first week sales record and it's only Wednesday today!

By the time I got home I thought I was going to burst so I ran up to my room and stripped off. It wasn't long before I was thrashing around on the bed enjoying yet another orgasm as my fav toy wasted no time in hitting the spot.

I stayed in and watch Big Brother last night, isn't it great? They crack me up I don't think Michele can cope with Ben's affections. Lets face it if he was coming on to me like that, boyfriend or no boyfriend I'd be breaking some rules in that luxary bedroom! In fact I don't think they could put me in the Big Brother house full stop... Don't even get me started on Lucy! MMMM Robin XXX

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Anonymous said...

That is damn sexy. Thanks for sharing and making my Wednesday more exciting!