Friday, 23 January 2009

Ed's question time.... You asked so I answer!

Hey Ron! I Love the thought of you cuming just thinking about going down on me. I had a bf that did that on more than one occasion. He used to get really embarrassed but I used to love it as it meant he just kept going till I'd lost count of the orgasms he'd given me. By then he was hard again and ready to fill me and push me to more.

q1:spit, swallow or share

Good question. I spat until I was 23. I'd swallow if it's just me and you Ed. Share if there's someone that wants too. I love surprise snowballs. Nothing better than a shared mouth full of hot spunk!

q2:spitroast or dp

I'll take both. That will get a few of you going! (I hope) Imagine me with all three holes full!

q3:bullet or rabbit

I'm a rabbit girl.

q4:cut or uncut

No preference as long as it's hard and clean!

q5:creampie or facial

AWWW. I don't have a preference love both but lets go facial!

q6: describe 1st ff experience

I was 13 going on 16 and had a friend called Stacy round my house. We were up in my bedroom and I was telling Stacey about a guy in school that I really fancied. She told me that she fancied him too. We got carried away fantasising about what we'd like to do to him nothing to extreme but enough to get me going! I'd never really been turned on before, I mentioned to Stacy that I was getting turned on and my panties were wet.

She told me that she was getting turned on too. Just as things were getting going her Mum called round and took her home. I went back to my room and fingered myself to my first real orgasm. The I rang Stacey and talked her through hers before having another. Nothing too exciting but every journey starts with small steps! Robin XXX

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great answers. You have mail!