Friday, 16 January 2009

Tonight tonight!

If just nipped home from the pub to change. I was shutting my lap top down and couldn't resist posting. I've been working hard the last couple of days so no update but it's been worth it. I've hit January's targets already so I'm off to celebrate!!!

Here's a pic for you too. This wasn't taken tonight but the last time I wore this outfit. It almost looks like a studio shot but it's taken in my friend Kate's bedroom on her bed of all places. She's studying photography at Uni and I'd like to think I helped her on her way to a top grade... I'm sure you'll agree that she's pretty good hey! I enjoyed being a model for a day too.

Although I don't think she'll use this one! I wanted to go further but she didn't take the hint.. Oh well maybe next time!... Any that's my lift at the door so I better run.. Look out for an update tomorrow afternoon. I'm feeling naughty tonight! Robin XXX

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Ed said...

Nice pic. Chk your email! Ed