Saturday, 10 January 2009


I couldn't resist the temptation to go into the office and help Sam. On the way there I was dreaming of all sorts as I have done for since she started. She's 21 and has a great body and a really sweet personality, she's always going out of her way to help round the office and I've often wondered if there could ever be a chance... surely not?

When I got there we had the office to ourselves and she really did have a work situation that needed sorting. Once I'd got my brain back into to work mode I had it sorted in no time but I couldn't stop my mind wandering off and tearing off her tights, lifting up her denim skirt and licking her pussy till she begged me to stop.

We finished up and I was just doing a few things at my desk when she came over to say she was leaving. She perched on the end of my desk and crossed her legs, her skirt riding up her thy at eye level. "Robin are you eyeing me up?" she asked. I'd been caught... "Maybe" I replied trying to play it cool as she stood up leaning against my desk. "I've heard all about you Robin" she said with a smile.

Of course I never need asking twice and I pushed my chair over to the end of my desk put my arms either side of her and stared up "have you now" I teased. "So it won't surprise you when I do this" I tugged her blouse out of her skirt and kissed her near perfect stomach. She let out a little sigh and lent back on the desk lifting her hands to my head pulling my face tight to her belly.

My tongue teased a line down to the waist band of her skirt as I unbuttoned it slowly. I peeled down her skirt and tugged at her tights all the time my tongue teasing it's way down. She lifted her hips from the desk and her tights and undies slid to her knees. My tongue snaked down through Sam's pubes and began to explore her pussy. She was moaning loudly as I began to really explore her wet folds. Her hands were still holding my head tight against her and it was all I could do to breathe in the soft smell of her pussy as she lifted her feet up onto my chair and spread her legs.

Her hands gripped the edge of the desk as I slid a finger up inside her wet hole. I then slid another and another and began to work away at her clit with my tongue. Occasionally she'd vice my head between her thys but I was so carried away licking her perfect pussy. Then she started to thrash a little more so I up ed the pace of my fingers sucking her clit into my mouth. Her first orgasm ripped through her and I caught the juices dribbling from her pussy with my tongue. Sam sat up looking flushed... I smiled up at her my face coated with her juices. "Well erm um I was going home". With that she pulled up her tights buttoned up her skirt and straightened her dress. Gave me a quick kiss and practically ran out of the office.

I sat there in shock for a moment wondered what I'd just done. Then I realised how turned on I was and that replaced any initial thoughts of chasing Sam. I pressed a finger against my clit and nearly came so I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down laying back in my chair I fingered myself to a huge orgasm of my own imagining what Sam should have done to me the naught girl.

Just as I was catching my breath my phone beeped scaring the life out of me. "Sorry Robin - you're amazing I won't run out next time - promise! Sam"

That night I went round to my friend Jen's we good evening too much wine and ended up in bed with her again. She's always up for it and loves her toys... We gave a couple of new ones a very thorough work out.. This one really hits the spot. Jen and I have been fuck buddies for years so I'm not sure I should really count her in, but it was a great night.

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